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Forensic Mental Health Consultancy for Retreats, Detox and Rehab Centres

Kevin O'Doherty works on a consultancy basis with Addiction Rehab Centres and Retreats, both in the UK and Europe as a Forensic Mental Health Adviser.  He carries out a range of services including advisory service on mental health policy, procedures and practice, helping staff to be aware of client mental health relapse and to reduce the risk of this, helping the organisation to plan and access specialised psychological interventions where needed for clientele.  

Some clients with addiction issues also have pre-existing mental health diagnoses, so it is vitally important that retreats and rehab centres take this into account, ideally at the set up stage.  Confronting their addiction issues in a supportive community can exacerbate pre-existing mental health issues for clientele, so advice and consultancy in dealing with these issues (from a Forensic Mental Health perspective) is very valuable.

Mr O'Doherty has been closely involved in the setting up of a number of Addiction Rehab Centres and retreats, where advice and Forensic Mental Health input, helped Directors to plan and prepare their policies and procedures for clients that may have mental health issues or symptomology.  

Kevin also provides help and support to Directors with problem solving and overall good clinical governance going forward, in addition to clinical supervision for individuals and staff teams.

For further information on this service, please get in touch via the contact page.

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