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Private Psychological Concierge - Individual/Family Consultation


Kevin O'Doherty provides discreet forensic mental health consultancy services to individuals and families.  A typical example might be where a member of the family has newly identified or ongoing acute mental health issues, but needs additional support, advice and input from a forensic mental health perspective.  

The service provided by CG Forensic Mental Health can include assessment, advice on managing medication, accessing treatments privately, relapse prevention, crisis management, psycho-education (for the individual and/or family) and short term cognitive behavioural intervention.  Where a client needs help with addiction issues, Kevin can refer to a number of exclusive rehab/detox centres in the UK and Southern Spain. Fees for rehab/detox etc are between the client and the respective provider.


Kevin O'Doherty also provides these services to individuals and their families who live or travel overseas, where perhaps, access to good quality mental health services, delivered in the English language are more limited.  Psychological Services can be provided face to face and/or nationally/internationally via   tele-medicine webcam software.

Private Concierge Monthly Plans allow you to have 7-days per week, webcam access to Kevin O'Doherty's personal help, support, advice and intervention service.


  • Plan 1 - up to 8 hours of Private Concierge services per month
  • Plan 2 - up to 12 hours of Private Concierge services per month
  • Plan 3-  up to 24 hours of Private Concierge services per month
  • Plan 4 - up to 52 hours of Private Concierge services per month
  • All sessions are a minimum of one hour each
  • One-off web-cam consultations: charged per hour

Face to face consultations can be arranged, depending on location and availability

Please get in touch via our contact page for further details of this service.

High Quality, Secure Meetings via Medical Software

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