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CG Forensic Mental Health


The Work of CG Forensic Mental Health

Forensic Mental Health Consultancy Service Across the UK and Europe

Calibre Gold Ltd has been providing training, consultancy and expert witness services since 2009, CG Forensic Mental Health is a part of Calibre Gold Ltd, a registered company in England (No: 07852764)


Private Psychological Concierge

Discreet, specialist advice, support, and consultancy services for clients with newly diagnosed or enduring mental health issues.  With client consent, family members can also be consulted and supported too.   Monthly plans also available for 7 days per week access.

Psychological Autopsy

Kevin conducts psychological autopsies upon request from relevant agencies and individuals based in the UK and around the world.  Also known as equivocal death investigations, the PA explores the likely mental health of the deceased in the past 6 - 12 months of their life.  A report is then written and provided to the relevant party.


Kevin works with a number of retreats and rehab centres throughout Europe, in advising on all areas of mental health policy, practice, therapeutic interventions, strategies and good clinical governance ongoing.  He can also refer clients to a number of addiction rehab centres in Southern Spain.


Specialised and focused forensic mental health training and development, custom designed to ensure that staff learning and developmental needs are met fully within the client remit.  Kevin also provides a whole range of training online, via pre-recorded courses and training deliverable via live online streaming.


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